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The Pavlovsk Park

Don't look for a reason or an occasion to for a walk in the Pavlovsk Park! Just find the time on any day and in any weather.

Get a lungful of fresh air of the Avenue of Lime Trees. It doesn't matter which path or alley you take on you journey. Everywhere you will be immersed in the unique soothing atmosphere. Watch all your worries and fears disappear.

The noble simplicity and the triumphant splendour of the scenery will help you to recover your peace of mind and emotional well-being, give energy and find harmony with nature.

You will feel as if gaining a foothold, your world will become whole which is so important in today’s world, with its wars and conflicts.

But don’t you think that you are just strolling through a park. You are on a journey to a very special place; inside your own self. You will gain the ability for self-contemplation and silent reflections. In modern virtual world, where everything is just seems to be real, it is so easy to lose all those riches of our inner world.

That is why we feel a critical need for genuineness and naturalness. It is like we all have real thirst for this.

The landscape of Pavlovsk is the place of great, honest and sincere art that never lies.

For over two centuries Pavlovsk has given people all those precious feelings. People have been trying to eternalize in poems, prose and music their impression of Pavlovsk as of a place where happiness lives.

The genius of Pavlovsk is still here, it lives on. It heals souls. It is time-tested.

If you have experienced similar feelings, know this: The Pavlovsk Park has accepted you. It has opened up to your heart and will be true to you forever. And congratulations to you on becoming, not just an ordinary museum visitor, but a pilgrim to a world of wonder. And from now on, your good fortune will always lead you to The Pavlovsk Park.

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